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About My Calm Place

Sometimes life can be overwhelming – stressful, busy, or just full-on. Yoga & meditation are fantastic tools to help make everything feel a little bit easier on those days when it all seems a bit too much.

Our vision at My Calm Place started out as a desire to provide a physical location where people could come to learn & practice those tools, but as if to prove the point life threw new & unexpected challenges at us to prevent that. Covid-19 & the lockdowns which followed showed us that a calm place isn’t always somewhere to go though. When you don’t have a place, or can’t go anywhere, it’s the feeling inside that’s important.

Our vision hasn’t changed – we still want to provide a place where people can find the calm amongst the busy-ness. It’s just that we’ve realised that that isn’t just one location, it’s a place inside each & every one of us.



Sue Bowman Yoga Teacher Meditation Teacher Yogi
Sue Bowman

I’m Sue & I’ve been practicing yoga since around 2012, when the stress of a busy self-employed career led to sleepless nights & an inability to switch off. Yoga promised, & provided, a calm place away from the constant stream of appointments, emails, calls & questions.

During the 2020 lockdown when life was stressful in very different ways for many people my yoga practice developed further, & I made the decision to train as a teacher with the vision of helping others to find their own calm place whenever they needed to.

My yoga classes focus on gentle movements, with an emphasis on relaxation & breathwork.


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My Calm Place

The Memorial Building Adjacent to Dinnington Village Hall

Newcastle Upon Tyne NE13 7LD


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